Bitter Autumn


About The Artwork:

The painting "Bitter Autumn" is a fragment of a unique series of four paintings dedicated to 4 seasons, 4 tastes and 4 stages of love.

This picture embodies autumn - a time of transition, when we encounter bitter tastes and begin to notice the approach of people close to us.

"Bitter Autumn" takes us into a relationship phase where we begin to realize that no one is perfect and accept them with their consequences. It shows how love evolves and transforms, goes through different stages and stages. This work of inflammation shows the variability and unpredictability of occurrence, as well as their beauty and uniqueness.

This picture is in continuation in the context of the series, where a magnificent product of the quality of its side of each year, the taste and the stage of the relationship. Together they got a successful journey through the many facets of our lives.

Original Created: 2020
Subjects: Love
Materials: Canvas
Styles: Pop Art, Metamodern, Conceptualism
Mediums: Oil, Pencil

Ships in a Tube

lwh: 1050x750x2 mm