About this painting:
The woman, much like ourselves, faces a dilemma: which type of coffee to select? The three cups symbolize our myriad options, yet the inscription "dilemma" serves as a reminder that our own predicaments are minuscule when compared to the vastness of the cosmos. We are part of an enormous and incredibly complex tapestry, and while our actions are significant, they pale in comparison to the magnitude of the universe.

The artwork, "Dilemma: Grandeur in Small Acts," encourages us to reexamine our own troubles and queries from a fresh, profound perspective, reminding us that greatness often originates from the smallest of beginnings. Even the tiniest decisions and choices leave an imprint on our lives and in the annals of the universe.

Original Created: 2023
Materials: Canvas
Styles: Pop Art, Metamodern, Conceptualism
Mediums: series of prints

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