Big data turn me on


About The Artwork:

We see the image of a young woman lying on a luxurious sofa surrounded by fruits, as if personifying the abundance and splendor of Renaissance still lifes. She embodies beauty and originality, as a captivating embodiment of life and human nature.
However, behind it are black screens of monitors, assimilated to a cage. This contrast vividly reflects the interaction of modern society with technology and information that can limit and capture us. Screens symbolize the world of "big data", where we are increasingly immersed in virtual space, interfering with our daily life.

"Big Data Turn Me On" invites you to think
about our dependence on technology and
on the importance of finding a balance between
virtual and real world.

Original Created: 2021
Subjects: Outer Space
Materials: Canvas
Styles: Pop Art, Metamodern, Conceptualism
Mediums: Oil, Pastel, Pencil

Ships in a Tube

lwh: 1000x1000x2 mm