Step 1: Get out from bed


About The Artwork:

More than a year had passed since I last picked up my oil paints. During that time, I'd been engrossed in digital art, which made returning to oil painting quite a challenge.
Living alongside someone with Alzheimer's added its own layer of complexity to the situation. The daily struggles and small victories in that environment led me to contemplate the power of incremental change.
And so, I embarked on this painting, with a simple yet profound idea in mind: Every transformation, no matter how significant, begins with a single, modest action. Sometimes, merely rising from bed can be a monumental step forward.
This artwork serves as a reminder that great accomplishments often originate from the smallest of deeds. It's a universal truth that applies to every aspect of life.

Original Created: 2023
Subjects: Outer Space
Materials: Canvas
Styles: Pop Art, Metamodern, Conceptualism
Mediums: Oil, Pastel, Pencil

Ships in a box

lwh: 1000x1000x2 mm