Anna Polani

AR Artist
My work combines artistic excellence with AR technologies, opening up new horizons of perception.
Welcome to my world of AR artistry, where imagination meets the cutting-edge of technology.
I'm Anna Polani, a multimedia artist with a passion for blending traditional art forms with the latest in augmented reality. My journey in art spans various mediums, including oil painting, digital illustration, neurogenerative graphics, video, and AR sculptures.

With a background rooted in mathematics and physics, my artistic approach is uniquely influenced by my love for these disciplines. This blend of science and art is especially evident in my fascination with space – a recurring theme in my work. I believe that we, as humans, are intimately connected to the cosmos, originating from stardust and destined to return to it. This cosmic connection is a constant source of inspiration, driving me to merge stories from modern life with concepts from astrophysics and quantum mechanics.
My creations often showcase the imperfections and errors inherent in life, symbolized through paint streaks, digital distortions, and various media traces. Each detail, be it a deliberate anomaly or a spontaneous splash of paint, plays a significant role in the narrative of my art.
My artistic style is a fusion of conceptualism and metamodernism, where bright imagery from contemporary culture is given depth through scientific exploration. This approach creates a complex array of visuals and ideas, inviting viewers to contemplate their place in the universe.

Through my AR projects, I aim to not only showcase my professional skills but also offer unique, immersive experiences that transport viewers to new dimensions of perception and interaction. Welcome to my portfolio, where each piece is a gateway to a new realm of artistic expression."

Anna Polani
With AR sculpture,
Selected projects:
AR music show 360:
Video from the concert in the Digital Business Space, Moscow
In this grand-scale AR show created for the musical duo Stacy Trotskaya and Dzeni, I fused augmented reality technology with live music to craft a unique and multi-dimensional audiovisual spectacle. Lasting 45 minutes, the show immersed the audience in a world where each musical note was accompanied by impressive AR effects, ranging from animated floral patterns to cosmic visualizations.
AR logo for the ZIL Cultural Center:
Exhibition "Not an epilogue. ZIL" at the Gorky Park Museum
November-December 2023
During an exhibition at Gorky Park, I developed a unique AR logo for the ZIL Cultural Center, which became a key element of the event. This project was particularly special as it merged my art with the history and heritage of the center, showcasing how AR technology can enrich cultural spaces.
In creating the logo, I drew inspiration from Constructivism and, in particular, the works of Kandinsky. This influence is evident in the logo's design, reflecting a blend of modernist aesthetics and contemporary technology.

AR for the Michelle Charitable Foundation:
The process of creating AR for the Michelle Charitable Foundation
QR codes with AR were placed in boxes and at the stand
As part of my collaboration with the Michelle Charitable Foundation, I created two AR sculptures dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife: a family of lynxes and an image of a dolphin against the backdrop of a sea wave. These works not only demonstrate the beauty of nature but also draw attention to significant ecological issues.

The first AR piece depicts a mother lynx with two playful cubs, symbolizing the role of family and mutual aid in the wild. This work aims to draw attention to the issue of poaching, which leads to many young lynxes losing their mothers and becoming vulnerable to the dangers of the wild.

The second sculpture features a dolphin playing in a wave, colored with bright hues, reminiscent of oil spills and ocean pollution. This work symbolizes the importance of dolphins as indicators of the ecological state of marine environments and highlights the need to protect marine ecosystems.

QR codes for accessing these AR sculptures were placed on charitable cosmetic boxes and the brand's stand, allowing visitors to interact with the artworks.
AR for exhibition and gallery spaces:
AR art
QR codes with AR are placed next to the paintings
At ARTLIFE FEST 2022, I had the privilege of presenting a captivating 3D sculpture of an astronaut enveloped in cosmic hues, symbolizing the interplay between human exploration and the enigmatic vastness of space. This piece is a continuation of my exploration into the themes of space in art and augmented reality. It embodies my passion for creating artworks that reflect the profound beauty and majesty of the universe.

In addition to my participation in ARTLIFE FEST, I was honored to be named the winner of the 'Digital Art. Moscow. Trends' open-call. In conjunction with this accolade, QR codes linking to my AR sculptures were prominently displayed on the media facade of a central building in Moscow. This allowed the public to engage directly with my art in an urban context, blending the boundaries between digital innovation and the physical cityscape.

AR-fashion, Augmented Reality for clothing:
AR fashion
Birds on Represent hoodie
AR on clothes
Augmented reality on a Richmond T-shirt
As part of my latest project to integrate augmented reality into fashion, I created immersive AR elements for everyday clothing, including T-shirts and hoodies. This project demonstrates how modern technology can breathe new life into traditional wardrobe items, turning them into interactive works of art.
List of Services:
  • Development of individual AR elements for events and exhibitions
  • Personalized AR solutions for brands and companies
  • Creation of interactive AR content for educational and cultural projects
  • Consulting and development of strategies for introducing AR into marketing and advertising
Work Stages:
Consultation and determination of project goals
At this stage we discuss your project, your goals and expectations. This includes understanding the target audience, key messages and the desired impact of AR elements. We will also discuss budget, time frames and any specific requirements or preferences you have.
Concept and design development
Based on the information received, I develop preliminary concepts and designs. This may include creating mockups, sketches and prototypes. I will present you with several options so that you can choose the one that suits you best. At this point, possible adjustments and refinements to the design are also discussed.
Technical implementation and testing of AR elements
Once the concept is approved, technical implementation begins. I use cutting-edge AR platforms and tools to create the final elements. During the development process, tests are carried out on various devices and in different conditions to ensure the consistency and quality of the AR experience.
Final integration and post-launch support
The final stage involves integrating AR elements into your project or event. I provide full technical support during and after launch to ensure the AR content functions flawlessly. I also provide advice and recommendations on the best ways to use AR elements to achieve maximum effect.
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