"Welcome to my world -
Welcome to Space Metamodern!"

Anna Polani's works are in private collections
in the US and Europe
Painting "Where's your space helmet?
Oil on canvas 80x100 cm
Private collections, Pacific Science Institute, USA
Painting "Why not?"
Oil on canvas 100x100 cm
Private collections, Olett Club, Moscow, Russia
Painting "Dear I'll call you later"
Oil on canvas 100x100 cm
Private collections, Plymouth, Great Britain
Anna works with various media such as traditional and digital art, video, VR and AR.
On this page below you can see the paintings on canvas
Space Metamodern
From childhood, I was interested in space.
It attracted me with scale, infinity, energy and emptiness. People know little about it.
Globally speaking, space keeps the secrets of our past and gives hope for the future!
We all came from stardust, and over time we will turn into it.

In my pictures, I often paint women in space helmets and various situations from the life of a modern person. For me, this is a dialogue of eternity with reality.

The helmet is a mandatory attribute of my characters. Since whatever a person does, wherever he is, he is a part of the vast universe.
Just as the condition of the cells of the skin and organs of a person affects his health in general, so also each individual affects the condition of the universe.
Cosmic portraits:
Privat collection (only physical art):