Artist Bio:
Curator of group Exhibitions:
2022 - Art Fest "Weightlessness", Velikie Luki, Russia
Solo Exhibitions:
2021 - Solo Exhibition "Space Metamodern", Velikie Luki, Russia
2021 - Solo Show "Awakening femininity", Velikie Luki, Russia
2020 - Solo Exhibition "Art and Passion", Moscow, Russia

Fair and Show:
2023 - Art Russia Fair, Moscow, Russia
2022 - ArtLife Fest, Moscow, Russia

Group Exhibitions:
2023 - “Not an epilogue. ZIL”, Gorky Park Museum, Moscow
2023 - “It’s also written on the fence,” exhibition in the metaverse “Balaganchik”
2023 - Virtual Digital Show, The Holly Art Gallery, London, UK
2023 - Group Exhibition "This should be celebrated!", Bis Art Gallery, Moscow
2023 - Russian Creative Week, digital exhibition, Moscow
2023 - Group exhibition "Wow! 2.0", "Here on Taganka", Moscow
2023 - Festival "Cosmos", Three Depot Stations, Moscow
2023 - Group Exhibition "Swing Metamodern", Bis Art Gallery, Moscow
2022 - Harvest Festival, BezDatye, Peterhof, Russia
2022 - Art Fest "Weihtlessness", Velikie Luki, Russia
2022 - Group Exhibition "Cosmonautics Day", Loft, Pskov, Russia.
2022 - Group Exhibition "Love", Zen Gallery, Tomsk, Russia.
2021 - Group Online-Exhibition, The Sleepover, USA
2020 - Group Exhibition "Канцелярия", 25kadr Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2020 - Group Exhibition "Open", Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA
2020 - Group Exhibition "All woman", Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, USA
2020 - Group Exhibition "Skies", Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA

2022 - AI laboratory, Phygital Art
2020 - Workshop on Pop Street art techniques with Alexander Volkov
2023 - Winner of the open-call “Digital Art. Moscow. Trends”
Winner in the 2020 American Art Awards - 4th place in Pop Art Category
July 2022 - Finalist of the contest "Creating the Future 2050", Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

December 2019 - Magazine43. Issue 9 (USA)
September 2020 - Dessert Report Magazine (Russia)
March 2021 - Boomer Gallery "The new Artist" (United Kingdom)

Curatorial project:
2022 - Art Fest "Weightlessness", Velikie Luki, Russia
The first exhibition of contemporary art in the Pskov region

Other activities:
2023 - The first musical AR show in Russia, 12 unique AR objects were created for the live concert.

Educational activities:
2023 AMA session “AI in physical spaces” -
2021 Author's workshop on art meditation -
2021 Lecture “What is contemporary art?”, Velikie Luki
2019 Author's online course on Clothes Painting
2019 Author's workshop on clothing painting, Moscow

Works are in private collections in the USA, France, Great Britain, Germany and Russia.
The painting "Dear, where is your helmet?" is in the collection of the Pacific Scientific Institute, UT, USA