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Digital detox

Best spiritual practice for creativity, reboot, and conscious living
Guys, I really want to share with you my experience and my results, which the digital detox practice gave me :)

Below you will find tips that will help you.
Digital detox is a spiritual practice, during the passage of which, you deliberately refuse to use social networks, instant messengers, phones and other gadgets.

Types of detox:
1) Insta detox - this is when you refuse for a certain time from using social networks. Don't go into the application, don't scrolling the tape and don't doing posts.
2) Gadget detox - this is when you refuse to use any electronic technology. For example, computer, phone, TV. Good to spend such days in nature.
3) Info-detox is when you are apart from using electronic devices, messengers and social networks, also don't read books, don't watch movies, don't receive information from other sources.
4) Vipassana is a high level :) This practice should last at least 10 days. In addition to all of the above, you can't talk :)

You can choose for yourself any of the type for practice. Start small and simple for you. I would recommend to start one day exclude the use of social networks. And don't break your promise! :)

How long should a digital detox last?
The minimum is one day! Don't worry, you will succeed!
This is just 1 day out of 365 days a year.
Allow yourself to devote this day to yourself. Well, if you spend it to the maximum included in the process. Don't use the social network, turn off notifications from instant messengers and emails, don't take in hand the phone. And if possible, don't read or don't watch videos or movies.
If you have the opportunity, you can spend more days in this practice.

1-2 times a month I do an digital detox one day.
And once every six months, I do an info-detox for 3-7 days.

"Learn to perceive every second as if it were the first and only second in the universe."
What to do during the digital detox?
I share my experience
I understand the fear of any person "How can you live without social networks? And what if something important happens and I don't know? And what if they lose me at work? And so on."
This is normal.
Any person has such emotions and feelings.
But if you allow yourself to spend just one day, you will hold out until the end and will not break promises under any pretexts, you'll get an incredible experience and discoveries within yourself!
As it was with me:
I decided to spend my first info-detox for 7 days. I refused to use social networks, email, didn't watch the news on the Internet, didn't read books, didn't watch movies. I completely limited myself from receiving information from the outside world.
Of course, I was scared! But I was determined to go through this experience to the end.
I met my first day of info-detox on the train, traveled 7 hours to another city. I had a pen, a drawing pad and a small snack with me.
And my thoughts.
And that's all :)
There was a big temptation to go online, but I was holding on.
The second day I spent cleaning, threw out old things, cleaned the memory in the phone, helped my mother with cooking.
On the third day I went to an art shop and bought my first canvas and paints in my life and painted my first picture.
After 7 days of practice, I decided to sell my business. But I don't have to sit and wait for it to sell. I have to start changing my life now! I again went to the art store and bought materials for a large amount so that I didn't have a return trip. From that day my life changed. I became an artist. :)
What results and discoveries have been with me?
1. In the day it turns out to be full of hours and I can do more.
2. I will not miss any important information. News about significant events in the life of my friends, I can learn not only from the Internet.
3. I learned to concentrate on one task without constant distractions to the phone.
4. I rebooted and had the courage to change my life.
5. I enjoyed the moment!
Life hacking, which will help you to spend this day:
1. Complete in advance all the cases that require your work at the computer.
2. If necessary, tell your friends and family about your plans. Tell in advance that you are fine so that they don't worry :)
3. If you can't turn off the phone at all, add important contacts to your favorites. Next, turn on the "don't disturb" mode on the iPhone. Only the contacts that are important to you will be able to dial you up; other notifications will be hidden.
4. If you are a blogger / businessman and you definitely need to make posts in the social network, use the programs for postponed posting or make publications yourself, but don't look at other people's posts and stories :)
5. Set comfortable for your detox boundaries.
I really hope you find this article helpful. And I would really like you to try a digital detox on yourself after reading.

I am very interested in your impressions and emotions, if you try it.
You can share your experience in the comments to this post below.
Or mark me in your post in social networks, if you want to share this experience with everyone.
Or you can just write me a personal message about your results or if you need support before detox.

Thank you for reading to the end. Have a nice day! :)

P.S. Guys, if you find grammatical errors in the text, write me about it. :)
English isn't my native language, I'm learning it and I want to improve it.