London School in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Collection of paintings by Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, R. B. China, Leon Kossof, Lucien Freud and Michael Andrews
I don't want to repeat once again how I liked this exhibition. I love almost all areas of modern art.
Most of all I was impressed by the artwork of Francis Bacon. I had not seen his paintings before, but I heard a lot about him. And, honestly, I didn't even go to Google to see what his pictures looked like.
I felt that I would like them at first sight and just waited for the opportunity to see them live. This is what happened.
On March 5, the London School exhibition opened at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.
I was impressed by the fact that Francis Bacon wrote only on unprimed canvases, for the reason that it was impossible to fix anything on them. Only destroy.
Recently, I talked to a Russian-language online media journalist on the subject of art, and there we raised the issue that great artists often have a difficult fate.
Francis Bacon is the same.
Read his biography on wikipedia.

His paintings will either disgust you, or fall in love with you forever.
The second happened to me.

I would also add that I am always inspired by the stories of artists who, without education, achieved recognition, and who, despite criticism, did what they liked!

Have you been to the London School exhibition? What kind of paintings / artists do you like?