December 2019

My interview for Magazine43

Today my interview for Magazine43 was published.
It seemed to me that I interestingly answered the questions and answers will help you better understand me and my artwork.
Below I'm sharing an interview with you.
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- What do you think is the effect of your artworks to society?
- My paintings are about life and death. I remind people that our time is limited. People often avoid the topic of death, thinking that this won't happen to them.
But sooner or later we will turn into stardust.
I want to believe that my artwork will allow people to relate to their life differently: somewhere more responsibly, somewhere with irony.

- What or who is your greatest inspiration?
- Beauty of a female body :)
And life.

- Do you ever get a creative block? What do you do to get over this?
- Yes, I had a creative block. I almost didn't draw within 3 months.
At first I was worried about a break in my artwork, then I realized that I needed time. After some time, I began to paint again. Now I understand that this break was useful to me. I looked at my work in a different way, I had new ideas and my style has changed a bit.

- What inspired you to create works like such?
- In 2018, I walked around Berlin and saw mannequins who had space helmets instead of their heads. And I started thinking about people conquering the cosmos, about the power of human consciousness, about the development of civilization, love, life, death…
I fell in love with the image of a space girl. This is my Universe.

- Has anyone ever reacted negatively against the style of your work? What do you tell them?
- I haven't received negative reactions. People either like my paintings or they are pleasantly shocked. I believe that any reaction, even negative, is good. The worst reaction is indifference.

- Describe your art in one word.
- Stardust.

- How do you want to be remembered as an artist?
- I want to be a guide to the world of art, where space connects with sexuality.

- Do your emotions help you in creating? How so?
- Only if it's pleasant emotions.
Most often I focus on work and I try to make sure that nothing and nobody distracts me.

- What do you think you would be doing if you weren't an artist?
- It's hard to tell, I can't imagine my life without art. But if imagine that I can't paint and I have excellent health, I would probably become an astronaut.
- Describe your art in one word.
- stardust.

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