Using MANDALAS in Art Therapy

A simple way for everyone to try art therapy.
Frankly, I have never been attracted to drawing mandalas. I did not see anything special in this and I think it would be more correct to say: I was skeptical about this. I couldn't believe that this could have a psychotherapeutic influence on us.
That was until I tried this method myself.

Since January I have been studying Art Therapy at the Transformation Academy (International Academy of Coaching and Entrepreneurship). One of the sections of the course was devoted to drawing mandalas. We were shown many ways to use this technique for therapeutic purposes.

MANDALA is a Sanskrit word. Means a circle; wheel, complex structure; a figure without beginning and end. Interpreted as a "model of the universe."
It used to be that such drawings express the essence of a person's soul.
K. Jung first began to use the mandala in psychotherapy.

This is a huge tool that:
▪️ allows you to better understand yourself, your inner world;
▪️ helps to cope with pain, stress, negative emotions;
▪️ opens the subconscious, develops intuition;
▪️ is used when visualizing desires, goals;
▪️ contributes to attracting certain events or people into your life.

In order to try this technique, you don't need to buy canvas and special paints.
You can draw mandalas in a notebook, on a piece of paper or cardboard. Ordinary pencils, felt-tip pens, water-color or acrylic paints are suitable for coloring. I'm sure that every home has one of the above.

You can draw your own mandala, as in my photo above, using compasses or any round objects. And then color it.
You can put inside any shapes. For example, the Eiffel Tower, if you dream of going to Paris. You can also write affirmations or any other text inside the mandala.
Your artistic skills don't matter. Draw like a child. In the work there are no rules and restrictions. Everything you draw will be great!

Or you can download ready-made mandalas on the Internet and color them.
There is a good exercise called "Color your day."
I've prepared mandalas for you, which you can print and color.
Download pdf-file by link.

You can use this technique as a personal diary. Every day you choose the image that you like and paint. Don't think about the beauty of the picture, remember the emotions that survived during the day.

The second use case is visualization of the desired.
For example, you want harmony to appear in your life. Choose a picture that you associate with this word and color it, representing your state at the time of reaching the goal, feelings and emotions.

At the bottom of each page you can see a place for text.
In the DATE column specify the date when you painted the mandala.
In the NAME box give any name to your picture.
In the NOTES column you can write any 3 words that come to your mind; affirmations; or impressions of the day.
Try to paint a mandala at home and share your impressions in the comments!