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Phone case with my painting

How I launch production phone cases?
In the fall of 2018, I began to actively attend public meetings with famous artists. I was interested to find out what their secret of commercial success is.

Many of them talked about "merch". Merch is a product with symbols/images of famous people/companies, such as artists.

Paintings of commercial successful artists are expensive.
More available option is prints with the signature of the author. Prints, as a rule, are available in limited editions.
Often, artists launch T-shirts, cell phone covers, badges, stickers with pictures of their paintings. This is an affordable option for fans of creativity to get a thing from a favorite artist.
Sales merch in his artwork actively uses Damien Hirst.

A year ago, I also thought about creating merch with my artworks. But at that time it seemed to me that it was still too early for me to do this. And I dropped this idea.
Until my friend Vlada showed me her new case with my painting.

I realized that this is a sign and began to act.
Having experience in business and launching my own production, I knew in advance what difficulties I might face.
Therefore, I acted according to the following algorithm:
- Sketched a plan of action on paper.
- Studied the offer and prices in the Russian and foreign markets, determined the cost.
- Made a list of requirements for the phone case.
- Based on the above points, I began to look for companies that would suit me according to the conditions.
I chose 3 companies and made test orders. As I expected, at this stage all the "subtleties and nuances" of work with the selected manufacturers became clear. Somewhere there were problems with the delivery, somewhere with the communication of managers, somewhere there was a poor print quality.

I never do or sell "substandard products". This is my main principle. And I wasn't going to refuse it.
A few days after the negative experience with the phone cases, my friend gave me a contact from a guy whose company is creating souvenirs for famous museums and companies.
I immediately ordered a test sample! And it was beautiful!
Fast shipping! Pleasant communication with managers!
And the quality is exactly what I wanted!
Look at the video, how to look 3D print. ⤵
Then I prepared the visual content for the site, social networks and announced this event. From that moment on, the sales process began! :)

Of course, in one post it is impossible to reveal all the nuances.
But the main idea that I want to convey to you is:
Think in advance about what you want to receive.
Don't expect that the manufacturer will become your friend and will help you.
You will definitely find a person or company who will help you realize your plans!
At the end of the post I want to remind you that the phone cases with my paintings can be viewed and bought here.

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