Art Exercises

4 exercises to develop creativity, sense of composition and color
Last month, I took part in a creative marathon from two Russian Instagram accounts.
The marathon was dedicated to the development of creativity, sense of composition and color. Assignments were taken from the book "Simple Drawing" by Dmitry Gorelyshev.

I participated in such a marathon for the first time and I liked it!
I want to share with you the exercises that I tried :)

Exercise 1.
You need to select 3 paintings that you like, and based on them make a graphic abstract - a copy of the image in proportion, but without details. You can use pieces of colored paper and create shapes from them. I preferred a notebook with black paper and acrylic.

Move the slider left and right in the images below
Exercise 2.
Using stamps to create symmetrical and chaotic compositions. I liked this task and I even began to use this technique in my paintings.
To perform, it is necessary to cut out the shape of the stamps from the eraser. I dipped the erasers in acrylic and oil and transferred the imprint to the surface.
Exercise 3.
Draw 10 different drawings from one nature! For me it was the most difficult task, because I don't like to draw from life)))
Nevertheless, I recommend a try. You can change the angle, style, proportions, etc. You can even try drawing with your left hand if you are right handed.
Exercise 4.
Architectural sketches. You need to draw several buildings, paying attention to their details, mood, scale, plasticity. You need to convey your perception of the image of the building. It doesn't have to be beautiful historic buildings, I found inspiration in new buildings in the area
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