Crypto art

How to sell NFT?

And what to sell?
This article will be without water. You can find information on how to add your art to nft sites on the Internet.
Below I will share my observations on what NFT Art can help sell.
At the time of this writing (05/08/2021), more than 15 million works of artists have been added to the largest NFT platform
Given the level of competition among artists, it is unlikely that you will be able to sell your work this site.
Personal brand and popularity
The best thing you can do
The time when you could sell your art just on the wave of hype is gone.
Now, when selling NFT art, the priority is the same components as when selling traditional works of art. This is the artist's media presence and personal brand.

!! We must admit the fact that only 95% of artists sell their crypto art, the rest waste their time and money to add works and gas.
Create your own recognizable style. Work with one topic.
Don't see selling NFT as the only key to success.
Your task is to pump you, your brand, to make people talk about you.
After that, sales (not only through crypto) and cooperation will come.
Let's say you already have the above. Where to begin?
Choose a platform
The most popular now are OpenSea, Rarible and Foundation. Each has its own pros and cons. More details here.
Correct description
In the description for each work, tell us about your work: what is it about? what inspired you? in which programs was this work created?
If it is a traditional art, please indicate which medium was used and how the original will be delivered.
Indicate the year of creation, name and dimensions.
Create Twitter account
There is a powerful community on Twitter. Make an avatar with your art. In the description, tell us briefly about yourself (preferably with humor), attach a link to the nft-platform. It is better to use the services Taplink and linktree - here you can add several links in one link, including to your other social networks.
Be active on Twitter
Actively means making 5-10 interesting tweets a day (retweets don't count). On weekends, 2-3 tweets are enough, as the audience is inactive.
Tweets with humor and trending topics are best used. Think about trends in terms of your art.
If you want to be reposted by other artists, retweet their posts too.
Create a Discord account
Another platform where you can share links to your crypto cards. There is a good chat for this. Join!
Join chats on Telegram
For example this is the chat for your drops (links to your art and twitter).
Post to other social networks too
Don't be limited to popular social media in nft communities. Explain that your art can be bought for crypto on all platforms.
Start a LinkedIN, create a public page about your art on Facebook, be sure to post your art on Instagram, and don't forget about Pinterest.
Add hashtags
List of hashtags that will work:
#nftart #nftartist #nftartgallery #nftartwork #nftdrop #nftbastards #nftcollection #nftcommunity #cryptoart #cryptoartist #cryptoartwork #cryptoartcollector #cryptoartworld #cryptoartbuyers #openseaart #foundationart #raribleart

Don't add everything at once. Using more than 3 tags on Twitter is bad manners.
Share your works
After adding a new job to the nft site, share links to
it in all social networks.
Be sure to post with a link on Twitter. Share the link to the post on Twitter in Telegram and Discord chats.
Save the Pin from the site to this group board on Pinterest. In order to save your pins on this board, join it in advance using the link -
Personal brand. Again!
Work on it.
If you want collectors to buy your work, give your art value!
Hone your skills, share the process of creating works in social networks.
Create your own unique style by which you will be recognized.
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