Results of 2020

The most important events and discoveries.
I was able to recall many events in my memory thanks to the "My Special Planner" diary - this is the first diary that I regularly kept during the year. It is very lightweight, compact, convenient planning system, nothing more. :)
I already ordered myself the same one for 2021.
My basic planning principles:
1) I write goals for the month, based on them I form plans for the day
2) every evening I put a checkmark in front of the cases that were done and on the same evening I plan things for the next day.

Transcendental meditation
This year I learned the technique of transcendental meditation. This is one of the simplest and most effective techniques I learned at the Maharishi Center in Moscow. You should not try to study this topic on the Internet yourself, you need a teacher who will guide and help you.

I had trouble sleeping, not even melatonin helped. On the 3rd day after practising meditation, this problem disappeared: for 9 months I have been sleeping like a baby :). I'm not even talking about the increased concentration, calmness, outlook on the world and creativity.

David Lynch will talk about meditation better than me. I recommend watching the video below.
I learned about the technique of transcendental meditation from Lynch's book "How to Catch a Big Fish".

This year I cannot boast of a large list of books I have read. Among them were Lynch's new biography "Room to dream", "Francis Bacon. The Genius of Distorted Worlds", "Andy Warhol. The Diaries 1976-1987", and "Emotional Intelligence".

And also "The science of being and art of living" by Maharishi. I recommend reading this book if you do not yet have the opportunity to go to meditation courses, but you would like to understand the structure of the universe, find peace and an endless source of joy within yourself.
I ORDERED IT HERE - @barinya.ceramics
The covid-19 pandemic has made adjustments to our lives and this year I attended only 6 exhibitions. There is nothing to say about half of them, and I'll show the other half below:
Exhibition of Andy Warhol at the New Tretyakov Gallery. I was very lucky to see these works in Moscow. A well-done audio guide with quotes from Andy and Mix of stunning color combinations. Solid inspiration!
Exhibition by Vasily Klyukin. My favorite space theme! This artist is the discovery of the year for me. And his wall sculptures remind me of black holes. I would like to peer at them!
ART LIFE Fest 2020. I have been visiting for the 3rd year. By tradition, even before the festival, I ordered a magazine of the same name for the event, and after visiting the exhibition I bought postcards with works that I liked.
This year I took a street art workshop from them!
Photo from the opening of my solo exhibition "Art and Passion". September 2020.
Continuing the topic of exhibitions, I would like to note that one of my goals this year was to participate in exhibitions.
I took part in 3 international group online projects, in 1 group exhibition in Moscow and my solo exhibition "Art and Passion" on Rublevka. A detailed photo report here.

I don't know why I put off communication with galleries for so long, there was something like a fear of rejection and all the time it seemed that I was not ready yet. But I worked it out in myself. )
2020 was a turning point for many. Illness, bankruptcy, divorce. Our family was also affected by this madness.
In June 2020, my husband and I divorced.
But in October they got back together. :)
For us, the most important lesson of the year is that for us there is no one dearer to each other and we can overcome all difficulties only together. Family is the most valuable thing.

A big leap has taken place in our family business of plaster decor items - Urban Souvenirs.
- Over the year, we expanded the assortment by 10 items (2 more items have already been created, but they postponed their launch to 2021)
- We got an office, created our own production and opened a warehouse in Moscow.

You can place your order in our store on Etsy.
One of my greatest purchases this year is the iPad Pro and Apple Pen. Over the past month, I have often posted digital illustrations on Instagram. As I recently found out, my friends had no idea that I was drawing on a tablet and not on a canvas. It's a compliment for me.
The secret is that I make sure to use a matte canvas texture and paint brushes with imitation oil.
We made a very cool project together with my friend and photographer Nastya (link to her instagram). Nastya had a great idea, I have swimwear. One of these photos ended up in Vogue Italia.
In October, I returned to my hometown, Velikiye Luki, after 6 years of living in Moscow.
The contrast with the capital is significant: bad roads, poor service, little entertainment, no cool museums and galleries like in big cities, and there are almost no friends left here.

But there are also advantages to living in a small town:
- sometimes I am shocked by the kindness and simplicity of people. In Moscow, you are constantly on the alert, because there are many scammers.
- short distances = time savings = I do more!
- good conditions for doing business.
- fresh food from the grandmothers from the village :)
- and a big plus for me personally: inexpensive awesome coffee in the coolest cafe - $1 (in Moscow, I spent $5 a day on a cup of coffee).

How long I will stay here - I don't know.

This year I painted 41 paintings (the number at the time of writing the article on 12.12.2020), I plan to do it still ☺
- I found out who buys my paintings abroad: among them are the owners of Swiss banks and Olympic champions.
- One of my paintings adorns the Olett Club, a country club on Rublevka, founded by Olga Syrovatskaya.
Another of my goals was to win an international competition.
In September, I won "2020 American Art Awards" in the Pop Art category.
I could continue this long read further.
But who has time for this these days?)
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