Meditation for creativity

My way to be productive everyday
To some it may seem obvious, but for me it was a great discovery of audio and video meditation.
For more than 10 years I tried to do meditation with my everyday practice.

I remember how back in school I opened a book on meditation, was located on the couch, and periodically looking at the right pages, I tried to master this technique. Only I relaxed, as I had to open my eyes and see what was there to visualize further. And so in a circle.
Of course, I threw this :)
That was until my friend discovered a whole world of meditations on Youtube for me.
For me it turned out to be brilliant! No books. Just close your eyes and listen to the voice.

Why do I want to pay attention to meditations for a creative person?
Because I know that most artists, musicians, writers are the most sensitive people on Earth.
It is important for us to constantly work out our self-confidence.

Creativity loves bold and creative, those who know how to listen to themselves, and those who are not afraid to go against society (or afraid, but still try))

The fear of being misunderstood and the fear of critics often restrain us from something truly great and beautiful!

Sometimes I just turn on video with music of different frequencies, which lasts 1-8 hours and goes about my business.
Good selection on the Healing Meditations YouTube channel.
7 reasons to meditate:
Helps to cope with stress;
Improves attention and concentration;
Gives mental strength and balance in life;
Improves health, strengthens the immune system;
Reduces anxiety, depression and pain;
Establishes communication with the inner world;
Develops creativity.
Meditation apps for iphone
Of all the applications in the AppStore, I like the most these 3: Slowdive, RelaxMeditation and Meditation.
Yes, they are paid, but they are worth it.

You can choose different meditations based on your goals for the day.

I love listening to general morning vigor meditations; on self love; on abundance; for inspiration.

Most of all I like the SlowDive app, since every day there is a different "meditation of the day" + many different audio recordings to choose from. There is even a rhythmic music (this I have never seen))), charges in the morning for the whole day!

Each application has a free period of 7 days. Try it!
There is a good channel for you on this topic - The Honest Guys. Look here there is a video to work out all aspects of life.
In my opinion such meditations are better than the practice of breathing. As in this case, you not only relax, but also study your "sick" topics and improve those areas of life that are most important to you!
Do you practice meditation? Share your favorite techniques, videos or apps!
Write them in the comments under the post.

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