AI + AR painting

Animated paintings

Using of neural networks and augmented reality in art
Neural networks in art
Приложение Artivive
Since April 2022, I started working with neural networks, and I especially love Disco Diffusion from Google Colab.

I like to work in conjunction with artificial intelligence.
First, it is the future.
Secondly, it inspires and allows to find ideas that you have not thought about before.
Neurons don't think like humans do.

As an experiment, I animate oil paintings.
AI is given the original image (oil painting) and a text query. Then, on a given topic, AI creates a video that looks like a fantasy tale.
AR demo app
For one of the last exhibitions, I was preparing 6 paintings supplemented by AR.
The exhibition visitor is invited to download the application to the phone (iphone and android are supported), and then open the application and point the phone screen at the picture.
When you hover over a work, an animation appears.
Some of my works, when hovered over, demonstrate the process of creating a picture. Others are animated with artificial intelligence, the neural network Disco Diffusion.
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