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At the end of 2022, I decided to create a series of paintings with zodiac signs.

I used AI to search for images, and also studied the description of each sign. All this I combined and designed into finished paintings through Procreate.

The idea came from a desire to bring the zodiac signs to life through the unique images of my space women.
Inspired by astrological attributes and the mystique of the universe, I created this series so that everyone can connect with the magic of their sign.

Where did the images of the zodiac signs in the world come from and what do they mean?

Images of the signs of the zodiac have deep roots in the history of mankind and astrology. They were developed millennia ago and are of a mythological and astrological nature.
The story begins with astrology, which in ancient times was closely associated with the observation of heavenly bodies and their influence on life on Earth.
Ancient astrologers noticed that the planets and stars in the sky move in certain star constellations, which today are called signs of the zodiac.
The signs of the zodiac are 12 equal parts of the zodiac circle, where each sign is associated with a certain period of the year and characterizes the unique traits and qualities of a person born under this sign.
Each sign has its own symbol, which reflects its features.
The symbols of the zodiac signs are usually based on the mythological creatures and astrological attributes associated with each sign. For example, Aries is represented by a horned ram, Taurus by a bull, Gemini by twin gods, Cancer by a crab, and so on.
Each zodiac sign has its own unique symbolism and meanings, which may vary depending on cultural sources and astrological traditions.
Nowadays, astrology has become popular in the media and social networks, attracting the interest of millions of people around the world.
Aquarius zodiac sign
Cancer zodiac sign
Capricorn zodiac sign
Leo zodiac sign
Pisces zodiac sign
Sagittarius zodiac sign
scorpio zodiac sign
Taurus zodiac sign
Gemini zodiac sign
Aries zodiac sign
Virgo zodiac sign
Libra zodiac sign
By depicting space women, I wanted to create not just paintings, but a symbolic connection between people and their zodiac signs. By purchasing a painting that reflects your sign, you can not only decorate your home with a unique work of art, but also find a special connection with your zodiac sign. The painting will become a reminder of your uniqueness and individuality, and will delight you every day.

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All prints with zodiac signs are printed on a gallery stretcher with imitation oil.
Also, for ordering, you can contact me in one of the social networks at the bottom of the site.
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